According to Forbes, the CRM is going to be a $40 billion industry by the end of 2017. A CRM is a critical factor in any organization as it plays a role of bridge between the company and its customers.

Managing a CRM in an effective manner is a challenge but with the right use of data available brands can achieve better results. Entrepreneur contributor Jonathan Herrick has published an article focusing on the four CRM data usage mistakes that brands make.

On ‘capturing the wrong data’, Herrick says, “If your customer profile seems incomplete, you might not be capturing actionable information. For example, if your sales team focuses on email outreach, forms should require email addresses. But do your sales rely on email?

Experian reports that companies lose 12 percent of their revenue on average to bad data. Streamline your data collection processes to reduce that number — don’t ask for data you don’t need. If you have no plans to send direct mail, asking for contact addresses only reduces the number of people filling out your too-long forms.

We’ve found that phone calls are a fantastic way to begin a sales conversation. Our business development representative reaching out to leave personal messages yields higher response rates than cold, impersonal bulk emails. We still do a lot of email marketing, but because we’re able to segment based on user behavior, company size, location and other data that we’ve captured, our sales team can start relationships off on the right foot”.

4 Ways You’re Misusing Your CRM Data


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