LinkedIn is a great tool for brands for targeting right people and companies, understand their needs and engage with a personalized outreach. According to Fortune, LinkedIn now has 500 million users of its business-focused social network.

To help brands and marketers empower their sales with LinkedIn, Small Business Trends columnist Pratik Dholakiya suggests four ways.

On connecting with niche groups on LinkedIn, Dholakiya says, “Narrowing your focus into a more concentrated market leads to higher engagement and better conversion rates – even when it comes to LinkedIn. Joining up with hyper-focused niche groups can make your job easier, as you can focus on how exactly your business benefits that specific market.

Using this type of social selling strategy is highly effective; 75 percent of B2B decision makers say that social media greatly influences their decisions, especially when it comes to researching solutions and purchases.

There are plenty of simple principles when it comes to LinkedIn postings since it is geared toward business professionals.

  • Make sure that your content is not overly salesy, for one. Instead, offer some new insight or valuable information, such as new technology breakthroughs or measurable results from other customers.
  • Consider using LinkedIn’s Dynamic Duo to pinpoint trending topics in your industry and quantify the influence of your messaging”.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn for Sales, Read These 4 Tips

Small Business Trends

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