The Content Marketing Institute is going to hold ‘Content Creativity Day’ webinar on Tuesday, October 17 from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm ET.

This web event will have presentations by Tim Washer, Jay Acunzo, Doug Kessler and Carla Johnson.

CMI team says, “Every morning, TV late-night comedy writers stare at the blank page, apply a few simple approaches to catapult them into the creative state, and then put on a brilliantly hilarious show that same evening. We’ll learn a few of these approaches that can empower each member of our marketing team to embrace risk-taking and become an idea factory.  We’ll also discuss how to step around the corporate creativity deathtraps, how to develop a plan for producing meaningful content that connects with our audiences.


  1. How to get your team into the “open state” to create concepts on the fly; 
  2. Simple, alternative approaches to the “talking head” video
  3.  Tactics for successfully navigating the approval process”.

‘Content Creativity Day’ webinar

Content Marketing Institute

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