Kissmetrics is hosting a webinar on ‘How Kissmetrics can help you get the most out of your behavioral data’ on Thursday, September 21 at 10.00 am PT. The webinar will guide the attendees on how they can utilize behavioral data to enhance their online business.

The Kissmetrics team says, “Your prospects and customers are leaving you a beautiful digital trail of their behavior. It shows what they’re doing on your website and products — what they like, don’t like and why. It reveals who your best customers are and how to get more of them. Capturing and leveraging that behavioral data is a must for driving conversions, acquisition and retention and we’ll show you how to do just that in this webinar.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage behavioral analytics to spot trends and opportunities to improve the customer journey
  • Identify and track the behavioral segments that are key to your growth cycle
  • Engage your customers at just the right time to get them to convert

Join us for a webinar where you will learn the essential skills and tactics to get, keep and grow more customers with Kissmetrics”.

‘Get the most out of your behavioral data’ Webinar


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