In marketing, planning is at the centre of all actions. With proper strategic planning you can build a marketing blueprint that assures success and better ROI.

Small Business Trends columnist Annie Pilon has shared ten tips to develop a strong marketing blueprint for your business.

Pilon says, “Once you’ve set up your business and created a product or service to sell, it’s time for you to create a marketing plan. A lot goes into building such a plan. But members of the online small business community can lend some helpful insights. Here are some tips you can use to market your small business more effectively.

Defend Your Digital Marketing Budget

No matter what tactics you use to market your business, you need to have some kind of budget. And you need to stick with that plan in order to market your business without expending too many resources. Andrew Schulkind elaborates in this Target Marketing post.

Get Your Customers to Do Your Marketing for You

Sometimes, marketing messages just have more of an impact when they come from someone besides you. That’s why getting your customers to do some of the marketing for you can really have a huge impact on your business. Cate Costa dives deeper in this Venture Catalyst Consulting post. And BizSugar members share thoughts on the post too”.

10 Tips for an Effective Marketing Blueprint to Build Your Small Business

Small Business Trends

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