Influencer marketing is becoming a popular form for the marketers due to its facets like quicker results and affordability. In B2B marketing too, influencer marketing is adopted.

Small Business Trends columnist Annie Pilon has shared eight strategies to help marketers set their goals and budgets.

Pilon says, “Odden shared some tips and insights for B2B businesses in a recent phone interview with Small Business Trends. Here are some key takeaways about B2B influencer marketing for small businesses.

Don’t Treat it Like B2C Influencer Marketing

When you think of influencer marketing, you probably picture popular YouTube personalities working with beauty brands or other consumer focused brands working with celebrities. But B2B influencer marketing doesn’t necessarily look like that. The general concept is the same. But the influencers, the type of content and the rest of the process can differ quite a bit.

Odden told Small Business Trends, “The difference between B2B and B2C influencer marketing is the difference in marketing to a consumer buying an impulse product and someone paying a million dollars for software. The sales cycle is different. And content is a part of both, but when you go from a 6 to 18 month sales cycle there’s a lot more opportunity for content consumption.””.

B2B Influencer Marketing: Trends, Goals and Budgets to Set

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