Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar on ‘Your Content Marketing Success Metrics Are All Wrong’ on Wednesday, August 30 at 2.00 pm EDT. The focus of the webinar will be on problems of traditional marketing metrics and more.

Webinar Speaker

  • Elle Woulfe, Vice President of Marketing, LookBook
  • Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Adviser, Content Marketing Institute

CMI team says, “Get a preview of this Content Marketing World session and see how marketers are completely redefining success by adopting intelligent content delivery. Not only will you learn how intelligent content allows buyers to consume more content per session but provides greater intelligence into how they consume content and which assets are actually being consumed.

This session will cover the following:

  • The problem with traditional marketing metrics
  • The benefits of measuring content consumption and how it works
  • How intelligent content delivery provides buyers with more of the information they need and marketers with better insight into sales readiness and content performance”.

‘Your Content Marketing Success Metrics Are All Wrong’ Webinar

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