Publishing a great video might be easier than achieving a good rank in the YouTube. Search Engine Land columnist Andrew Dennis has shared the process for dominating the top spots in YouTube search.

Dennis says, “Start by analyzing your popular pages that are already performing in search.

Although YouTube search is less competitive and complex than Google search (and the two rank videos differently), you still need to build on a solid SEO foundation. To springboard your video to the top of YouTube search, you’re going to need to piggyback on an existing page’s SEO equity.

For our project, we used a page that was ranking well (lower end of page one) but still had some room for improvement. We wanted to find a page that had enough equity to give our new video a chance to rank, but also could benefit from having the video and potentially see a ranking boost as well. Here are some other criteria for selecting this page:

  • The content of the page translates well to video.
  • The view counts for top-ranking videos on YouTube and Google indicate that there is interest in this subject”.

How to rank #1 on YouTube search in 30 days [case study]

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