Email marketing is present in almost all the marketer’s routine. An effective email marketing campaigns assures great ROI.

AWeber’s Julia Nitschke has shared email writing tips from five marketing experts.

Nitschke says, “You know those emails you’re actually excited to see in your inbox? Wouldn’t it be awesome to know how you could write emails like that for your own business?

Well, good news! We asked five marketing experts to share their best email writing tips for increasing engagement. Now, you can boost your email performance with some pointers from the pros. Here are the top tips from top writers:

Try asking questions in your subject line

Amy SchmittauerSavvy Sexy Social, YouTuber and Author

“I often use my emails to connect my viewers to the latest videos I’ve shared, but the subject line is the critical space that determines whether or not the email gets opened.

I’ve been excited to see high opens and click-throughs on emails that promoted videos based on the customization of the subject line, often with a question that they really wanted to answer about themselves”.

5 Marketing Experts Share Their Top Email Writing Tips

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