Getting more and more visitors to a website and converting them into customers is a biggest task every marketers aims to accomplish.

Entrepreneur columnist R. L. Adams has shared twenty-three tactics to improve your conversion rate optimization.

Adams says, “At the basis of a converting offer is a sales funnel. If you don’t have a sales funnel, you need one now. It’s the foundation for making money online. Some call this a marketing funnel. Others call it something different. But the truth of the matter is that it’s central to the core practice of selling anything online.

Quite frankly, you’ve probably seen sales funnels everywhere without quite understanding what they were. Ever wonder why so many blogs and website try to get your email address by bribing you with some discount, free ebook or other promotion? Yes. You guessed it. They want you to enter their funnel.

What most newcomers to the marketing world don’t quite grasp is that people will oftentimes never buy from you during the first interaction. The sale happens over time, by building a relationship with the consumer, and by constantly feeding them value and ensuring that whatever it is that you’re peddling, it solves a problem and alleviates some pain points. That happens in the sales funnel”.

23 Sure-Fire Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics for Striking Online Gold

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