AdWeek has reported that Snapchat is going to implement a plan in which the network will allow advertisers to compare their Shapchat ad performance with the ads on other networks.

The company has partnered with Neustar Marketshare, Nielsen, Analytic Partners and Marketing Management Analytics to launch this measurement program that specifically addresses marketing mix modeling.

AdWeek’s Lauren Johnson says, “Snap backs up its new measurement program with one big stat that’s sure to get marketers’ attention: During the second quarter of 2017, 55 percent of every dollar spent on advertising included some type of third-party measurement. Such third-party partnerships include programs with Moat, DoubleClick, Millward Brown and Oracle Data Cloud (formerly Datalogix) and are typically included in ad packages for the brands who spend the most on advertising.

The new measurement program aims to make Snap more competitive with Facebook, Google and Twitter, which all offer similar MMM measurement efforts that aggregate all of an advertiser’s media channels—including TV, print, digital and out of home—and then zero in on one specific channel to measure how effective advertising was in driving sales”.

Snapchat’s New Data Deal Will Equip Marketers With More Third-Party Measurement

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