Writing a blog post for any audience is a challenge, especially when it is to be created for a specific audience. For example B2B content.

To help B2B marketers, Econsultancy’s Ben Davis has shared 10-step process that can help them write excellent B2B blog posts.

On picking up a right topic, Davis says, “If you are short of ideas and there isn’t an obviously outstanding trend in your industry that your customers are fretting about (for us at the moment it’s AI, GDPR, or the perennial favourite, customer experience) there are lots of ways to settle on a topic. You can:

  • look at what your competitors are writing about
  • write about your own company challenges, such as your own marketing campaigns or product development
  • dig into Google Analytics to look at what content has proved successful in the past
  • brainstorm with your team
  • see what’s popular on social media – Buzzsumo can help with that
  • ask your users with a simple survey or poll”.

A 10-step process to writing excellent B2B blog posts

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