PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is most common tool that is used today for website development. The HTML and database integration support make PHP a popular platform.

Edumobile’s web development team has compiled a list of fifteen free PHP frameworks that you can use to develop your next website.

The Edumobile team says, “ust like other popular web language, PHP also has some great frameworks to make your development crazy fast, more productive and protects you from low level error. It also ensure your website with more protection from some attacks like SQL injection, XSS attacks and others.

Previously, we covered list of best front-end frameworks for Bootstrap alternative. In this post we deliver you another best frameworks for your PHP development. They are made by the community around the world and free to use. To get a quick look, we also made you a simple chart that compare our PHP frameworks list popularity.

1. Laravel

Laravel is the most popular PHP frameworks used by developers today. Even it is just still new (released February 22, 2012), but it has catch lot of developers attention. The latest version of Laravel comes as individual Composer packages. It features with good routingeasy authenticationmigrations supportBlade templating engine and many more”.

15 Best Free PHP Frameworks

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