Through Posts, Google has brought a new way to help marketers share relevant, fresh content with people searching for products and services.

By rightly using the Google Posts, marketers can enhance their content marketing efforts and gain a fair share for their marketing.

Search Engine Land columnist Joy Hawkins has shared twelve tips to improve chances of succeeding with Google Posts.

Here are three of those twelve posts:

“Use the posts to highlight sales, promotions or unique selling propositions. Don’t just shove a bunch of keywords into your post — doing this currently has no impact on your ranking (yes, I tested this).

The best size to use for the image is 750×750.  If you use anything smaller than 250×250, it won’t be accepted.

The first 100 characters are what shows up in the Knowledge Panel. Make these characters count, and make sure your sentence doesn’t get cut off.”

12 things to know to succeed with Google Posts

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