With Facebook reaching 2 billion monthly visitors, it has become a lucrative option for the advertisers globally. Rightly created Facebook ads can help marketers achieve better advertising revenues.

Entrepreneur writer Jennifer Spencer has shared three things that can help marketers build effective Facebook ads.

On providing real content in the ads, Spencer says, “Your brand pages and accounts need to understand what your audience enjoys. For Pirtle, it was a plethora of motivational, helpful and funny pictures or memes to get his audience engaging with his brand on a continual basis. He also advises the best way to attract more people with real content on your social account is by keeping your house (your social account) clean and orderly. If it is, people will want to stick around and listen to what you have to say.

The rule of sharing is 80/20. This means 80 percent of the time, you’re sharing content to either help, entertain and/or motivate your audience. The 80 percent has nothing to do with your brand at all. It’s all about your customers and what they enjoy”.

5 Winning Social Media Strategies From a Master Marketer

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