Google has announced that in the coming months it will stop using or scanning Gmail contents for any ads personalization. G Suite’s Gmail is already not used as input for ads personalization.

Diane Greene, SVP, Google Cloud, says, “The value of Gmail is tremendous, both for G Suite users and for users of our free consumer Gmail service. Gmail is the world’s preeminent email provider with more than 1.2 billion users. No other email service protects its users from spam, hacking, and phishing as successfully as Gmail. By indicating possible email responses, Gmail features like Smart Reply make emailing easier, faster and more efficient. Gmail add-ons will enable features like payments and invoicing directly within Gmail, further revolutionizing what can be accomplished in email”.

Impact of This Change on Advertisers

Marketing Land’s Ginny Marvin says, “For advertisers, the move can be seen as part of a continuum in the shift to audience targeting powered by an increasing reliance on logged-in user data — demographics, search and browsing behavior, and more — that Google taps for ad targeting.

In other words, there are bigger gains to be had using in-market and affinity audiences, for example, than from targeting keywords that show up in our inboxes. There are still several unknowns, such as how domain targeting will be used, but the key way to think about Gmail ads once this change goes into effect late this year will be in terms of audience, rather than contextual targeting”.

As G Suite gains traction in the enterprise, G Suite’s Gmail and consumer Gmail to more closely align

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