Mobile is everywhere and everything is mobile now. If you want to achieve success online, the top thing to do is satisfy your customers.

The Think with Google team has shared three tips to improve consumer experiences on mobile.

Here are some of the statistics mentioned:

  • 89% people are likely to recommend your brand after a positive experience
  • When people are negative about a brand experience, they are 62% less likely to make a purchase
  • 53% people will leave mobile sites that takes time to load.

The Google team says, “Digital user experiences are more important than ever. Whether it’s on the web, mobile, or a digital assistant, consumers’ relationships with technology continue to evolve. People are finding faster and more efficient ways to get things done. As a result, brands are no longer competing with other brands in their category. They’re now competing with the best digital experience a user has ever had”.

The 3 Areas Brands Should Invest in to Improve Consumer Experiences on Mobile

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