Noopener, Noreferrer and Nofollow are very important terms for WordPress bloggers. They deal with the site’s web rank and linking with the other sites.

Explaining the Referrar policy, Marketing Land columnist says, “Referrer Policy is used to determine what information is sent along with the requests. Many people know, for instance, that the referral value is stripped when going from a page using HTTPS to a page using the HTTP protocol, but did you know that’s because this is the default setting for the Referrer Policy if nothing is specified? Technically, this is “no-referrer-when-downgrade,” which means it will strip the referral when downgrading to an insecure request like switching from HTTPS to HTTP. You don’t have to use the default setting, though.

In the case of the WordPress example we looked at earlier, noreferrer was added to the rel element on links set to open in a new window. This caused enough of an issue by itself, but there are many other ways that the Referral Policy can be set, including at a page level, which can wreak havoc on your analytics”.

What you need to know about Referrer Policy

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