According to a Brandshop survey, 87% participants plan to make a purchase directly from a brand. The survey covered 1242 US consumers.

83% of them shop online at least once a month and 63% are highly satisfied with the retailers. 78% of the consumers make frequent purchases on Amazon. The report states that 90% of the consumers visit a brand’s website or shop.

When it comes to consumers’ pre-purchase research, 56% research with Google and other search engines, 29% relay on Amazon and other retailers and 16% depend on emails and social networks.

Advising the marketers on today’s e-commerce trends, Brandshop states: “In the past, simply maintaining a brand content was enough. That is no longer the case. Brands must now have an overarching omnichannel strategy that connects every aspect of the shopping experience, including pricing, branding, promotions and transactions.

Brands that sell directly to consumers online must offer an experience that is equal to or greater than what is offered by retailers”.

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