Digital Marketing Depo is hosting a webinar on ‘How to Grow Customer Revenue with People-Based Search Marketing’ on Thursday, June 15 at 1.00 pm EDT.

This webinar attendees will learn what “People-Based Search Marketing” is and why it’s so powerful; and ways to maximize Google Customer Match scale and performance.

Webinar speakers

  • Katherine Flood, Search Program Manager, CustomInk
  • Lisa Rapp, Director, Brand Product Marketing, LiveRamp

Digital Marketing Depo team says, “Your display advertising targets specific audiences, but what about your search marketing? It’s time to think beyond the keyword, and tailor your PPC campaigns based on who is actually viewing or clicking your ad. With a people-based approach to your search marketing, you can improve the cross-channel customer experience, optimize PPC campaign performance, and ultimately re-acquire customers and grow CLTV.

Join our paid search experts to understand how people-based search marketing, using Google Customer Match, can help you optimize your bid strategies, target or suppress certain audiences, and customize ad copy and promotions”.

‘How to Grow Customer Revenue with People-Based Search Marketing’ Webinar

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