Snapchat has launched Sponsored World Lenses to allow brands use Augmented Reality for boosting their business. With this new launch Snapchat converts 3D graphics into ads.

Here’s what Adweek has reported on Snapchat’s SWL: “Sponsored world lenses build on Snap’s sponsored lenses format. Per Snap, the average user plays with a sponsored lens for 15 seconds before sending it. Big-name brands including Taco Bell, L’Oreal and Starbucks have purchased the custom ads over the past year, which typically take longer to create because advertisers work with Snapchat’s internal creative team to design them. That process is slowly changing though. Snap said that it has cut down the process of creating a sponsored lens globally from eight weeks to six weeks. In some cases, Snap can turn around a sponsored lens in one to three weeks by using existing creative from a previous successful organic lens”.

According to a Marketing Land’s Tim Peterson, “Sponsored Lens campaigns can be targeted based on people’s age, gender and which of the 60-plus Snap Lifestyle Categories they’re grouped in based on the Discover channels and Stories they view, such as “reality TV,” “hip trends,” “comedy,” “sports” and “green living””.

Read more about Sponsored World Lenses on AdWeek and Marketing Land.

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