Jeff Rajeck says, “Improving customer experience requires as much attention to how things work inside the company as how customers are interacting with the brand.

What internal initiatives do marketers feel are essential for improving customer experience from within the company?

To find out, we Econsultancy has conducted a a range of research, including a recent survey of over 300 marketers in India, Customer Experience Maturity in India in association with Epsilon. Here are the top three high-level responses to the question.

1) Improve internal collaboration

Respondents were most enthusiastic about the notion that reorganizing interdepartmental workflows will be one of the main drivers for improving customer experience.

Three in four (75%) client-side respondents indicated that ‘optimising internal collaboration’ between the many teams was ‘very important’ and nearly three in five (59%) felt the same about ‘changing / revamping customer engagement related processes’. Slightly fewer, but still over half (57%) felt that ‘optimising creative workflows’ was ‘very important’, too”.

Three ways marketers improve customer experience from within


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