Tim Peterson says, “Two years after introducing a rival to Google Analytics, albeit a limited one, Facebook is renaming Analytics for Apps as Facebook Analytics to underscore the tool’s maturation into a legitimate contender that has been used by more than 1 million apps at some point since its introduction.

The revamped Facebook Analytics can not only track the people who interact with a business on its app or site but also map those with interactions on Facebook and in brick-and-mortar stores and then create a Venn diagram of those interactions to target ads.

Originally a mobile app analytics tool, last year Facebook added support for websites and Messenger chatbots. On Tuesday, it extended support to Facebook Pages and in-store sales, though the latter feature is in open beta.

Using the revamped, all-in-one Facebook Analytics, a business could now track when a Page post leads people to contact the Page’s Messenger bot, leads people to visit the brand’s site, then leads people to buy a product in a brand’s brick-and-mortar store”.

Facebook’s renamed analytics tool now tracks Pages, in-store purchases

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