Your website is porous. When people visit, they browse for a while. Sfter they have seen everything they leave. Some sites may display an “exit pop up” some incentive to stay, to sign up for a list, etc.

This pop-up approach has become obsolete since most people use pop-up blockers that stops them from even seeing your pop-up.

As a result, only about 5-10% of people even your pop-ups today.

In response to this problem, marketers have turned to a different technology, “push notifications.”

if you’ve ever been to a major site, like YouTube, CNN, or eBay, you’ve probably been shown a little “pop up” that says “NAME OF SITE wants to send you notifications.”

That’s called a “Push Notification.”

This is true for Fortune 100 companies like CNN, eBay, YouTube, and others.

Smaller businesses have hesitated to use because of the difficulty of implementation and the cost.

Now, there is a new opportunity for even small businesses to use the power of push notifications. Jimmy Kim and his company Snaptactix have just released their new notification software: Push Connect Notify, and it bypasses the pop-up blockers.

Now you can have a fully custom notification pop-up,including your logo, accented with the colors you choose, and with the content you want to display..

It even provides a two-step process, so that you can get a small commitment from the visitor before asking for the bigger commitment of giving you their email address.

Kim shows it in action, the demo, and how it works here: Push Connect Notify.

This is a web based service that you subscribe to that allows you to:
• copy and paste a snippet code to identify what you want to show
• Use the 1 click WordPress plug in option on WP sites
• Use the 1 step Shopify integration on your e-commerce sites
• Use any of these as a call to action

Push Connect Notify is a tool that anyone with any type of website will find helpful in building engagement with visitors.

Regardless if it’s blog, landing page, eCom store, or sales page..

This little line of code will let you capture 100% of the traffic today.

Here’s what you will love about it:

1. It’s 100% marketer friendly, letting you fully customize everything from logos, colors, buttons, and more.

2. It requires only 1 copy and paste of code or you can use the powerful 1 click WordPress or Shopfiy integration

3. When it captures emails for you , it has Integration with the top 8 autoresponders or you can add your own code to place the emails wherever you like.

It’s literally the “perfect” way to capture 100% of your website traffic.

It is simple to add this function to your website,, just paste 1 line of code on your site,

Go ahead- check out Push Connect Notify today, here: Push Connect Notify

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