Laura Forer says, “”Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a systematic approach for increasing the percentage of website visitors that become customers,” according to a collaborative infographic by design consultancy XPLANE and conversion rate experts The Good.

CRO can have a significant impact on end results, such as when the 2008 Obama campaign ended up increasing conversion 40.6%, which garnered an additional $60 million in campaign funds, the infographic points out.

It goes on to highlight seven steps you can follow to use CRO to turn your website browsers in to buyers.

And, of course, once you see those conversions metrics climb, don’t stop there. Step seven advises iterating to make small gains over time: “Gradually, small changes can accumulate to create impressive returns.”

To see how you can make changes big and small to optimize your website conversions”.

Seven Steps to Turn Browsers Into Buyers: Improve Website Revenue With CRO


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