Joe Pulizzi says, “This week, Robert and I discuss The New York Times’ business model – and why its future could be very bright. We also explain how the fake news crisis could be creating an amazing opportunity for brands, and prepare for some big media company acquisitions by brands. Rants and raves include a Pixar training course on storytelling; then we close with an example of the week on John Yocum Beaty.

1.    Notable news and upcoming trends

How is The New York Times really doing? (10:23): The Gray Lady’s struggle to transition into a digital-first publication has been the subject of a lot of media speculation. But how far off is it from reaching its lofty digital business goals? GigaOm founder Om Malik decided to investigate how the inveterate news publication is really faring, by the numbers”.

Fake News Creates Huge Opportunity for Branded Content

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