Tim Peterson says, “Facebook is opening up its video ad revenue stream to more publishers and creators, though it’s not giving advertisers any more control over or insight into which videos include their ads.

On Thursday, Facebook extended the ability for certain Pages and Profiles to insert mid-roll video ads within their Facebook Live broadcasts, and at the same time, the company officially announced that it has started testing these mid-roll ads, which it calls “ad breaks,” within non-live videos, as was reported last month. Facebook also expanded in-stream video ads to all eligible publishers in its Audience Network ad network of third-party apps and sites.

Facebook has been testing mid-roll ads within Live videos since last August, and now it’s opening up that test to more Pages and Profiles that will get a cut of Facebook’s revenue from ads appearing within their broadcasts. Facebook is also opening up with more details of what’s required before a Page or Profile can run an ad within a live stream on the social network”.

Facebook opens mid-roll ads to more Live broadcasters, starts non-live test

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