If you’re not automating your marketing, you’re leaving money on the table by wasting time you could be using more productively.

The folks at Entrepreneurs HQ know this and are kindly offering to share their insights in a helpful PDF guide they call The Ultimate Marketing Automation Guide.

This week only, they e offering you a copy of the guide for free. We downloaded a copy and found it has some helpful information. For example, on page 21, you will find “1 2 Marketing Automation Tools You Need to Know About.”

Marketing automation can feel overwhelming. If you google the term “marketing automation”, you will find a huge number of tools and strategies to use.

But reading this free guide will help you sort through all the available options to find ones that work for you.

Inside you’ll find sections such as:
• 10 experts share their #1 marketing automation tip
• 12 tools to get your automation running smoothly
• 8 step checklist for marketing automation success

The checklist alone would be worth the time you invest in downloading The Ultimate Marketing Automation Guide. It’s an eight page list of valuable ideas for successful automation.

When you download the guide you also get an extra bonus, a free ticket to the Marketing Automation Success Summit.

This is an online multi-day event March 7-10, hosted by Liam Austin, where 30+ proven entrepreneurs and experts will share their #1 step-by-step strategy for generating leads and sales on autopilot.

You can build your own successful marketing automation system using the information in The Ultimate Marketing Automation Guide.

As we say, time is limited; it will be gone after this weekend. Get your copy, here, while it’s still available: The Ultimate Marketing Automation Guide.

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