Neil Patel says, “To fully capitalize your content marketing, you need to click with your audience.

Unfortunately, not all that many content marketers fully realize the effectiveness of their programs – only one-third rate their content marketing strategy as extremely or very effective, according to CMI 2017 B2B research.

Part of the reason for this phenomenon is simply because many content marketers unknowingly engage in tactics that create disconnects with their audience.

In other words, some of those tactics are a turnoff.

Here are some specific ways you can disrupt the relationship-building process and how to fix those problems.

Turnoff 1: Making it about you, not your audience

The purpose of content marketing is to provide valuable, relevant content and to build rapport with your audience. For this reason, your content needs to be audience-centric, and it needs to be useful”.

4 Content Marketing Things That Turn Off Your Audience

Content Marketing Institute

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