Barry Levine says, “Let’s say you create a mobile app. And you get it accepted into Apple’s and Google’s app stores.

Now what?

There are zillions of apps added to the app stores every week, so your biggest problem is simply getting found. Maybe you could luck out and get featured by the App Store. Or maybe you invest a considerable budget in ads encouraging users to install your app — even though they don’t really know it.

Palo Alto, California-based Branch is out this week with a free solution that it believes could dramatically change these choices, by changing how app content is discovered via search engines if you don’t have the app installed.

Currently, Google can lead you to content in apps via app indexing, where deep links can be found in mobile search results and lead you to content in the app. If the app is installed. If not, it leads you to the app store, and then to that content once you’ve installed the app.

The new Branch solution, called AMP Deepviews, is designed to accomplish three things: present in-app content when the app is not installed, load quickly”.

Branch unveils AMP Deepviews, so content in uninstalled apps can be previewed from search results

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