Andrew Lovasz says, “Google has made yet another algorithm change with its Penguin 4.0 update. While it’s one of the thousands of changes it conducts each year, this one outweighs any of the other, more minor updates.

Businesses can leverage Penguin 4.0 in their favor, however, as long as they understand the subtleties the new update entails.

Google Penguin’s wobbly path

In April 2012, Google cracked down on websites benefitting from links from contrived or “unnatural” outside websites. In perhaps the first ever move by a business to leverage the intelligence of the “crowd,” Google decided that it wouldn’t rank websites based on its own opinions. Instead, it focused on the respect given a website by other websites. A link was viewed as a vote of confidence from a peer, non-profit or complementary business. The number of backlinks told Google of the website’s value in the eyes of its community. For webmasters and business owners, backlinks from outside websites quickly became ranking gold — until the black-hats came in, sucking all the legitimacy out of Google’s paradigm-shifting method of attributing value”.

The Small Business Path to Success in a Penguin 4.0 World

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