Eric Siu says, “The never-ending to-do list . . . the constant deadlines . . . the pinging inbox: Welcome to the world of the typical entrepreneur or small business owner.

When you’re one of them, you’re constantly deluged with tasks, and prioritizing tasks can be difficult. That’s why most business owners wear many hats as they grow their companies, eventually adding marketing tasks to their ever-expanding priority list. So, in that regard, understanding how to prioritize and delegate your marketing tasks can be a huge help.

These five steps will help you do what you need to do: focus on the most important tasks first so that you can leverage them to achieve revenue and growth goals. Perhaps, what’s even more important is that by prioritizing your marketing tasks, you’ll feel less stress and more in control of your time. For an entrepreneur, that’s priceless!

Step One: Brainstorm everything at once. A brainstorming session helps clear your mind so that you can focus better on your work. It’s a simple yet highly effective first step in any prioritization project. Simply list every single task waiting for you, no matter how large or small. Don’t worry about ordering the tasks or about deadlines yet; we’ll add those later”.

Prioritize Your Marketing Tasks With These 6 Steps


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