Anna Johansson says, “We’ve all seen blogs – both personal and business – launch with great imagination and aspirations, only to eventually fade away and fail.

A company blog is a tremendous asset for e-commerce companies and the benefits are numerous.

Four Reasons E-commerce Sites Need Blogs

If you’ve yet to start a blog for your e-commerce website, then it’s probably because you don’t understand the value it could provide your brand. Let’s take a look at a few of the top reasons why thousands of e-commerce sites have made the plunge and the investment.

1. Blogs give your brand a voice

Today’s marketplace is filled with noise, but the reality is that you control very little of it. Customers go to social media to voice their opinions in an extremely public fashion. Internet message boards pick apart your products and services. Competitors can make claims against you and distribute these ideas via their own channels.

While it’s not all negative, it’s a little scary to know that other people control your brand’s story“.

Here’s Why Every Successful E-Commerce Site Has an Active Blog

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