Jeremy Smith says, “How well do you think you know the users who come to your website?

Can you tell me about your best customer’s buying habits? Or maybe how long your average customer goes between purchases? Or which customer channel converts more than any other channel?

Most marketers will unwaveringly claim to know a wealth of information about their customers.

However, when I start peeling the onion layers and asking some tough questions, I find I have tapped into some different emotions (like frustration from realizing that they can’t answer my questions).

Can you quantitatively tell me your website’s customer profile is based on your RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) analysis?

If not, let me help you.

I’m a conversion optimizer and am fanatical about web analytics and data. It’s what I am. It’s what I do. In my world, everything starts and ends with analytics and conversions”.

Your best users: Where they are and how to find them

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