John Lincoln says, “If you’re at the point in your digital marketing efforts where it seems like things are going fairly well, but you haven’t reached peak performance, then it might be time to take your conversion optimization efforts to the next level.

To that end, you’ll want to split-test a number of CRO (conversion rate optimization) strategies that you’re probably not trying. Here are seven of them.

1. Setting a tripwire to get people into your funnel

As business marketing consultant Perry Belcher once said, “There’s never been a time in history where it was harder to sell something to someone for the first time. But there’s never been a time in history where it’s been easier to sell something to someone the second time.”

I met Belcher recently. He is a smart guy who knows a lot about CRO. One thing he is huge on — having a tripwire.

What’s a tripwire? It’s an irresistible, low-ticket offer that brings people to your website. They buy the offer and — voila! — they’re magically transformed from prospects into customers”.

7 advanced conversion strategies you probably don’t know

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