Membership sites and online communities can be the source of an ongoing stream of revenue. Usually, there’s a lot of design and development work needed to get a site running.

However there’s a new software SAAS platform that allows a business to quickly create a membership site in a short time, with a minimum of technical knowledge.

Chad Nicely and the rest of the team have spent years getting their new membership platform ready for prime time. It has had many beta testers and has gone through many rounds of development. And all this attention shows in the quality of the solution they have created.

Here are few of the main benefits of this new platform, dubbed MemberHub:

• You get a fully cloud-hosted platform for as many as 20 membership sites, if you wish.
• You get multiple designs (called “themes”) to choose from, all of them mobile-compliant.
• Gamification is hot for member retention, and it is included at no additional charge. You are able to create goals, assign points, rewards, and much more.
• Advanced Monetization support; you can upsell any number of products to your members.
• Automated license emails delivery – No more filling out forms
• Even though this is hosted for you, you can have this on your own domain using the “Custom CNAME Mapping “.
• It includes built In SMTP settings for email management
• You can build custom sales pages for your products
MemberHub includes an affiliate platform so your members can sell memberships in your behalf
• There’s a built in video player and built in Audio player that make it easy to share content with your members
• Dropbox/ Amazon s3 integration for storing the resources you share on your site
• Integration with your autoresponder makes it easy to send member updatres.
• Integration with payment gateways, such as Paypal (and others) so you can set up automated billing and payments.

That’s just the beginning of what MemberHub provides for you. Your membership site can serve your customers professionally in every way, and can do it with a minimum of fuss for you.

This is serious software, ready to take on any challenge your business has in building a group of loyal members.

You will be impressed with what it can do. See the demo and then get your own copy, here: MemberHub.

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