Ehsan Jahandarpour says, “Perhaps, if it was seven years ago I would not have been that confident to say this but in today’s competitive market, almost every entrepreneur has heard about the great influence of growth hacking framework on digital marketing strategies.

Marketers often misunderstand the fact that growth hacking is about mindset, not tools.

It’s very surprising to see that digital marketers spend lots of time experimenting growth marketing tools without paying attention to the growth framework.

Generally, growth hacking framework composes of four important steps: Attract, Engage, Acquire, and Maintain. Although each step plays a great role in the growth of your business, if you choose to follow the complete cycle you can achieve amazing results in long term.

Based on growth hacking framework, at the beginning, a growth marketer must focus on attracting visitors. Since your visitors have plenty of other options to choose from, it is essential to offer them a unique value proposition”.

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