Liz Willits says, “As a professional consultant or expert, you work hard to educate others and help them develop their own skills. But you love every moment of it, because you get to share your passion and expertise with others who strive to learn more.

And when you can do so by creating an online course, it removes all geographical and time barriers so you can teach the masses.

Plus, the sky’s the limit for the content you create and how you turn it into a course. Between videos, emails, ebooks and more, there are so many ways to optimize your course to better help your students.

But if you’ve created your own course or are still in the planning process of getting it together, you know that actually developing the course is only one piece of the magic. After all, you need people to sign up in order to reap the benefits and hopefully, turn into new customers”.

9 Fresh Ways to Promote Your Online Course


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