Matt Tipperreiter says, “Remove the divisions causing a disjointed customer journey

The term “single customer view” gets used in many ways and it can mean different things to different people. For our purposes, a single customer view is a person’s identity — the core attributes that bring together marketing events, such as each individual’s behavior, contact data, preferences and motivations.

Managing identities isn’t just an academic exercise. Every organization needs a marketing strategy that helps them understand who each individual customer is no matter when or how they are engaging with your brand. Doing so demonstrates that you have a firm grasp of your customer’s potential needs and their value to your brand. But how do you get started when there are a multitude of identifiers across numerous customer touch points?

Assess your current marketing strategy

Identity data is constantly flowing into organizations. In many cases, there are specialized applications that manage this data, such as CRM systems, marketing databases and other platforms for email, social media and so forth. The problem is, for most organizations, there isn’t a seamless connection between each of these data sets”.

Managing consumer identities with a single customer view

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