Knowing what works is key to having a successful business. Wikipedia quotes merchant John Wanamaker, as saying, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Back in the 1890s, when Wanamaker reportedly said it, that could be a problem that was hard to solve, but today it can be solved, and no seller interested in a successful business can afford to be ignorant of which ads work and which don’t.

Today, there are solutions to Wanamaker’s problem. Online, David Perdew has just released new software that can track the clicks on all your ads to see which one works best. Not only ads, it can also discover which blog posts, news articles or graphics attract the most clicks.

That isn’t a fool-proof way to know what is going to sell the most for you, since you could disappoint the person who clicks, by a deceptive headline, etc. But if you play straight with your readers, you can see a good correlation between clicks and sales.

Perdew’s software is called Simple Click Tracker, and it is designed to work on all websites.

Not only that, it can track your links on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites, even in your emails. This way, you can know what is working for you so you can put your energy into those ads. Run more of them; stop running the others.

You should get a lot more sales for your advertising investment.

If only John Wanamaker had Simple Click Tracker, his great business success would have been even greater.

Now through Friday morning, Perdew is offering introductory pricing on this money-saving software. You could stop pouring money down the drain if you only knew what is working. Well, now you can.

Check out this new software and get your own copy before the timer runs out.: Simple Click Tracker

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