Page Load Speed is a key ingredient in the search engine algorithms for ranking, along with mobile-responsiveness, backlinks, and more.

Not only that, speed can make a difference in whether a visitor stays around to look at your site or bounces off to some other site.

Tuning your site for better speed is critical if it is to bring you long-term success. But, isn’t this a job for experts?

Yes, it is. But fortunately for the rest of us, experts can capture their knowledge in software that can act as a portable expert.

If done well, tuning software can look into the “behind the scenes” aspects of your site, find problem areas and correct them.

Dr Alex Davidovic is one such expert, and he has encapsulated his knowledge in his new software for WordPress sites, called WP Hypersonic.

This new software improves 8 parameters that affect your site’s time to load:
1. Compression of static resources
2. Minification of resources
3. Long-term Browser caching
4. Combining elements so fewer items have to be loaded
5. Protecting your site against bots that rob you of CPU cycles and slow down real visitors
6. Moving non-critical items from the header into the footer, so the page renders faster.
7. Restricting search engine spiders from searching the system areas of your site to save CPU cycles
8. Disabling unused WordPress areas.

Once all these corrections are made, there’s a lot less work to do to load your page and a lot less information that has to be transmitted, so everything happens faster.

By the wide margin, the #1 reason why people leave a site is the slow page load time. Fix yours and you will improve your ranking and your user satisfaction.

Get your copy of this new software here: WP Hypersonic

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