Satish Gaire and Vas Blagodarskiy have just released apiece of software that can make a big difference in the attention you get from your subscribers. It’s called PushLotus.

This works by sending a small pop-up message to your users who have opted in. It’s similar to the notifications you get from Facebook and other online services, appearing at the top right or the bottom right of your screen, a small rectangle with the information you want them to see.

When you push notices to subscribers, you don’t have to worry about your emails going into a spam folder or being drowned out by the flood of other emails your subscribers receive. Your message shows up on their computer screen automatically.

They can ignore it, but not easily. They have to take notice of its arrival, and if your headline is compelling, they are likely to read the whole message. If they click on it, they go to the web page of your choice.

PushLotus has remarkable technology, giving you:

• Instant traffic
• Significant lead collection
• High conversions into sales
• Easy of use (just type in your message and Send)
• An easy solution for your subscribers; they don’t need to install anything.
• The Standard version and Pro version are solutions that works on Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
• The Pro version works on smart phones (Apple, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.)
• The Pro version works on Tablets (Kindle, Google, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo)

When you use this powerful new technology have a big advantage over their competitors because:
■ You can stop paying for PPC and CPM ads; you get better impresions with this.
■ You can use the simple PushLotus code snippet to get traffic on demand to any offer you choose.
■ You can forget about retargeting (and its costs) and still get sales and leads right away.
■ You can help your clients (both online businesses and brick-and-mortars) to start seeing quick results in their own marketing.
■ You can finally build a list of responsive subscribers.

Think about all the ways you can use this technology. You can push:
– Coupons
– Discounts
– Product alerts
– Blog post notifications
– Video updates
– Podcast posts
– Free giveaways
– Contests

As you can see, PushLotus is a fundmental tool that has many applications in your business.

Today, you have a rare opportunity to improve your marketing results dramatically. But the price is rising, so don’t delay. Go now: PushLotus.

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