Andrew Darius has just released SyncLeads, software that can change the way you do Facebook marketing.

Darius says this new software is “3rd Generation Lead Ads Tech [that is] Facebook Approved”.

If you invest a lot of energy in Facebook marketing, this new application is for you. All your Facebook marketing operations can become synchronized for the first time.

Marketers who are heavy users of Facebook marketing collect a lot of contact information through Facebook. They have multiple uses for that information. It has been a difficult task to share that contact information with other applications.

SyncLeads offers you a solution. It:
■ Instantly submits information to multiple web applications, including: autoresponders, webinars, membership software, and most other web apps
■ A built-In Instant Coupon system for Unique & Mass Codes
■ Universal HTML integration with virtually all autoresponders, webinar systems, membership software, blogs, and web applications, in general
■ Mass distribution of Facebook lead forms to unlimited fanpages using its complementary synergy app
■ A cost saving on average for your Lead Ads by taking advantage of the viral leverage of paid and free Facebook lead forms through OptInUp integration.

If you are a beginning Facebook marketer, this may not be what you need. But if Facebook is the center of your business, SyncLeads may be exactly what you need.

And, it’s not just easier for you, either. When someone on a mobile device or a computer visits your Facebook page and wants to take action, they do not have to type anything or accept any kind of application.

All they have to do is to double click or double tap on your message, and you will get their Facebook verified email addresses. That keeps your mailing lists clean.

To add value to your purchase, IM NewsWatch has arranged a fine collection of bonuses for our readers. See them here: IM NewsWatch bonuses for SyncLeads.

If you need the power of synchronization in your business, check out this new software here: SyncLeads

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