Devin Zander and David Abrams describe their new small business marketing tool, Ad ReSpark, as “the must have tool for ad creation”. Why is that?

Well, when it comes to creating ads, small businesses just don’t have a lot of choices. They don’t usually have a lot of money to spend on experiments or an in-house design expert to create professional graphics or even a copywriter to produce expert ad content.

The only choice, usually, is to hire a professional, but that would eat into the budget, and the business wouldn’t be able to run their ad as often.

Ad ReSpark was designed for businesses (is yours one of them?) living with these limitations. You don’t need a professional copywriter or graphics designer.

Now you can produce top-notch ads using the professional design skills that were built into Ad ReSpark.

It doesn’t matter where you are advertising or what platform you are using. This new software can produce ads of any size. Once you create one ad, you can easily export it into any other size using the adaptive size technology that is built into this new software.

Producing your ad is a simple 4-step process:
1: Pick a template from the wide variety included
2: Customize the template with your own content
3. Export your ad in all ad sizes with one click
4. Upload the ad to your website or wherever you want it to run (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

As you create your ad, you can do as much or as little customization of the templates as you choose.

Just change the text if you like, or fully customize your ad to turn it into your own personally branded version of the proven template.

You can make Ad ReSpark work for you. Zander and Abrams aren’t just handing you software and walking away, to leave you on your own. They are committed to your success. So, they are giving you:
• Access to the world’s largest stock photo website (built into the software, no separate login required)
• 50+ templates across 6 niches for well over 400 ad creatives that you can customize based on industry leading, top converting ads
• Monthly software updates
• Step-by-step video training series. including their secret tactics for maximizing your conversions and profits.

This could be the kind of advertising solution you have been waiting for.

Today, it has special launch pricing. Watch it in action and get your copy here: Ad ReSpark.

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