Veteran online marketer, Nick Chou has revised and improved his popular Easy TV Money, training that shows how Chou has earned big from affiliate marketing with Clickbank and other affiliate networks. Starting with no experience and virtually no money, in the last 10 years he has earned millions of dollars.

He immigrated to the USA in 2001, with almost no English and just $200. But by getting the right training, he was able to learn online marketing and make the Internet his key to financial security.

Easy TV Money 2.0 is his latest and best training, based on his own experience, on how to success in affiliate marketing using Pay per Click, how to get real results without losing your shirt.

What’s more, Chou says he runs this business in about an hour per week. After set up, it’s almost an auto-pilot system.

Can it be profitable? Chou tells about his own success (you may have different results, of course, depending many factors, including your actually putting it into practice):

“…after making $1.5 million in 3 years with from 2005 to 2008, I continue to bring in $19,000 to $28,000 per month with the Easy TV Money® System. Today, the average number is $19,285 per month.”

Here’s what one happy early adopter says about his own assessment of Easy TV Money:

First, let me say…


WSO of the Day is quite an accomplishment, and I think you deserve it.

I wanted to add my two cents worth to this thread on Nick’s WSO. First, let me stipulate that I have not been paid, nor was I given the WSO. I paid for it on the very strong recommendation of Hitesh and Robert, two guys on this forum who provide quality products and great info. So far, I’m glad I did!

Now this is not going to be glowing praise for the program from a results standpoint. I’m literally just getting started with implementation. But here’s what I CAN say…

Nick Chou has done a terrific job here! While it’s clear English is his second language (and he is a bit self-conscious about it), I can hardly complain. In fact, despite this limitation, Nick does a better job of explaining his program than most of the native English speakers in this forum do…

Nick has done a great job of laying out a program that even a rank beginner can follow, from getting accepted at some of the more “high brow” affiliate networks to setting up winning PPC campaigns. He has created clear, step-by-step videos and… gasp… detailed PDFs to go along with the vids.

Other students priase Easy TV Money 2.0 for being the most thorough online marketing training they have ever encountered, as being “easy to follow” and as “a college level course”.

Don’t be misled: It takes some time and a little money to get started with Chou’s system. But it has proved itself year after year, bringing Chou the financial success that had previously eluded him.

We will close with a quote from Chou, himself:

I want you to kick the tires on my full Easy TV Money® System for a full 60 days. If you don’t start seeing serious results in your life within that time, I don’t want your money and, you’ll get every penny of the purchase price back!

Chou says he will stop selling this system when he reaches 5000 sales and that he could stop (or raise the price) as early as midnight today.

Get your own copy here, while you still can: Easy TV Money 2.0.

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