Matt McGee says, “Trends come and go in every industry, and it’s no different for paid search. This year, we saw brands adopting more methods and AdWords releasing a laundry list of features (including a place where you can view said laundry list at any time).

But I want to cover three specific areas in paid search that advertisers should definitely consider in 2016, and I’ll also share what we learned about them in 2015.

1. Your Ad Messaging Strategy

It used to be you could slap 95 characters on a PPC ad, give the client a few good options to choose from and call it a day. All that has changed.

And no, it didn’t just change this year. It gradually crept up on us as AdWords released more and more ways to jazz up our ads with its goodie bag of ad extensions.

Pretty soon, it became less about those 95 characters and more about designing a strategy — almost like you would with a website — carefully crafting the overall messaging using all the features available“.

3 PPC Trends And Tactics You Can’t Ignore In 2016

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