You’ve got to hand it to Mark Dickenson. He has persisted in online marketing for almost 10 years, despite years of absolute failure and discouragement.

Those were the years when he relied exclusively on affiliate marketing to earn his living. Since then he has redirected his marketing and focused on creating products, and his results changed dramatically.

Based on his experience, Dickenson says, “The difference between being an affiliate marketer and a product creator 99% of the time is the difference between some extra spending money and a full time income.”

So, following his own advice, now he is offering a product he created, Lightning Fast Product Creation, that shows you how to quickly create the product that is already waiting inside you.

The reason for the difference in financial success for affiliate and product creators is that people are attracted to experts. They seek out the information that experts have to share.

They want to know everything the expert can tell them. That gives the expert the chance to charge a good price for their information.

And in the minds of most people, product creators tend to be perceived as experts. So if you implement the training in Lightning Fast Product Creation and quickly create your product and if your product is good, you can build your expert reputation while earning good money.

And the money an expert earns far exceeds the money a typical affiliate earns. After all, besides earnings from your own work, you can get traffic and sales from the work of your own affiliates.

In Lightning Fast Product Creation, you will discover techniques that will be crucial to your success, such as:
• What Niches are profitable and which ones to stay away from.
• Why Product creation is easier and less work than affiliate marketing
• How you can use the technique Apple implemented to save itself from bankruptcy
• A secret technique you can use to get your product created in 48 hrs
• How to create the product you already have inside your head
• And a whole lot more.

If you want to get out of the rat race, look into this new training. You can get your copy here: Lightning Fast Product Creation.

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