Well-known and respected marketing trainer Yanik Silver just released his new book Evolved Enterprise – How To Re-Think, Re-imagine, & Re-invent Your Business To Deliver Meaningful Impact & Even Greater Profits.

Silver is giving away a batch of paperback copies (at cost; he give you a breakdown of the costs on his offer page) as part of his initial launch. He wants the publicity and the testimonials.

Request your personal copy here while supplies last: Evolved Enterprise.

We have started reading the first 3 chapters of the book and so far it’s been an eye-opener about the changes in online business as society, itself, changes.

The part that really was enlightening was Chapter 3, where he talks about 11 Evolved Enterprise business models.

As Silver says, these are 11 real world business models that some of today’s most financially successful companies are starting to use to radically increase their profits, impact, and reach. These models are used to respond to changes in society and the way people interact in the online world.

Silver breaks down each one of these models in detail to make them clear. He includes dozens of examples of how companies (both big and small) are using them to boost their sales and their bottom line.

I can see that I need to implement changes to my own business to respond to the ongoing innovation in the Internet.

Ask him to mail you a copy of his book, and when it arrives be sure to check out Chapter 3.

To get your copy mailed to you, go here: Evolved Enterprise.

By the way, right after you claim your book, Silver is also going to give you access to over $20,000 worth of ‘bonus’ business training, marketing, checklists, and tools you can start using today for pennies on the dollar. Make sure you check out this exclusive offer after you request your copy.

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