Someone who just lost a job may have heard that the Internet is an opportunity to earn living without going through a long retraining process that is often needed during a career change.

If approached correctly, that’s true. The problem is that there are many “get rich quick” schemes and frauds that claim to show you how it’s done, but deliver nothing for all the time and money you many put into them.

If you want to earn money online and to begin quickly, you need to create a legitimate business conducted on sound business principles and within ethical bounds. And it needs to be something you can start in a day or two so you can earn as you learn.

What’s known as “affiliate marketing” meets all these criteria. When you start an affiliate marketing business, you help an established business find customers for their products and services.

You are an affiliate of this business, not an employee, not a contractor, but someone working with them, helping their business grow. In return, they pay you a commission on the sales you bring to them.

To start this kind of business, you need to find a company looking for affiliates, one that has a good reputation (so your own reputation is not damaged by the relationship) and one that has products you can promote, ideally a range of products so you can work with them over a long period, making more and more sales for them. Learning their business will help you build your own commissions as you get better and better.

If you are just getting started in affiliate marketing, you may need help in finding good businesses and products, as well as help in “learning the ropes”- how to go about promoting their products and bringing them customers.

There’s a new free online training course that you may want to investigate, called Operation Quick Money.

This training is created by seasoned marketer Patric Chan and his team. It takes you from a “never done it before” beginner to an experienced affiliate marketer who can find good products to promote and then promote these products to build a profitable business.

If you find Operation Quick Money helpful, you may want to look into other training Chan has to offer.

But for now, to get started, check out Operation Quick Money.

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