New York Times Best Selling Author, Ron Douglas has been using $5 Facebook ads to get over 500 leads daily. He reports how he did it in Five Dollar Posts Quick Start Training.

Follow his process and you may have similar success. Douglas says Facebook has been a gravy train for him.

Douglas gets his opt-ins and his sales for a real bargain price, and he wants to share this profitable information with you.

One advantage of Facebook ads is that, unlike AdWords, you can drive traffic to landing pages (if you’re careful) so you can capture contact information for your list. This makes the click you get even more valuable.

The key to his success is his careful targeting that increases opt-ins, followed by careful cultivation of those who opt-in. In this training he will share both pieces of his process.

Here is the simple model Douglas has been using:

1. Create a free offer that is beneficial for his target audience

2. Place an ad to invite them to get this beneficial information for free in exchange for opting in

3. Sell them more information like what they got for free.

Douglas explains the details of this process in Five Dollar Posts Quick Start Training.

This training is a very detailed introduction to using Facebook this way. Don’t worry about unanswered questions. Douglas tries to anticipate your every question and make the answer clear.

One issue to be aware of with Facebook is that they are looking for more revenue and are raising their ad rates, so how long this low-cost lead capture process will be available is open to question. You will still be able to do it, but it will cost more.

Don’t delay. The sooner you get started the more leads you will capture before Facebook lifts its ad rates. Check all the details here: Five Dollar Posts Quick Start Training.

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